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Call our attendance line on 01738 472 888 or text us on 07860 049 526 with name, registration group and reason for absence. Alternatively you can send an email to

Report Pupil Absence

Perth Grammar School

School Pastors

Perth School Pastors have just started the 7th year of School Pastoring at Perth Grammar School (2023) and see it as an extension to Street Pastoring. We have grown the partnership during this time and we are here to Listen, Help and Care for the the pupils, Teachers and all staff as well as being a presence in the Community. When we started seven years ago the idea was that by the time pupils started to venture out into the town in the evenings at weekends that they would recognise us and know that we would be a safe haven if they had lost their phone, felt vulnerable or needed help to get home. This has grown and we now attend various school events such as Sports day, transition days and the senior prom. The pupils are happy to engage with us and we are always looking out for opportunities to extend our partnership even further. We are grateful to the staff for allowing us to be part of the School life and for the welcome that they afford us.

At present we have ten School Pastors when everyone is available and we try to visit on a Friday lunchtime and if possible one other day depending having School Pastors available.


School Pastor Team

Almond - Bayne Shaw, Allie Moir, Karen Marks

Earn - Jayneanne Murray, Suzanne Black, Alex Gerard

Lomond - Gordon Loudon, Jean Young, Lucy Scanlan & Isobel Sinclair