Report Pupil Absence

Call our attendance line on 01738 472 888 or text us on 07860 049 526 with name, registration group and reason for absence. Alternatively you can send an email to

Report Pupil Absence

Perth Grammar School

Safer Schools App

Whether you’re a mum, dad, carer, auntie, uncle, granny or grandpa, it’s important for you to understand what children are doing online, so you can help make them safer. Your child can download it for themselves too.

We are delighted to invite you to download our new ‘Safer Schools’ App’ provided by our school insurance provider Zurich Municipal.

About the App

The App is designed to support and protect children by educating and empowering them both at school and at home. Through their access, your children get access to information that is relevant to them and you will receive tips and advice on how to keep them safer online.

Excited? Ready to make your children safer?
Download the ‘Safer Schools’ app now!

Download on the Apple Store    Get it on Google Play

Make sure to enable push notifications to keep up-to-date with our tips, advice and guidance on how to make your children safer.

Please allow yourself and your child to register and, when you can, work through:

• the quick quizzes

• online safety centre and digital safety areas.

• We will send prompts and tips within parental bulletins weekly.