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SQA update from Mr Reid, Depute Head Teacher


Senior Phase Pupils (SQA) Update 25/03/2020

Dear Parent/Carer,

I hope you are all well and staying safe during these uncertain and challenging times.  Considering the most recent SQA update (24 March 2020) it is important we share Perth Grammar School’s expectations relating to this update letter and next steps for our students. Despite the SQA not proposing to mark any Higher, Advanced Higher or coursework planned for uplift in April/May, there remains an uncertainty around how estimate grades will be derived and the requests and requirements on teachers.  Therefore, at Perth Grammar School we will continue to expect students to complete coursework where it supports the following;

-to inform course estimates more accurately.
-to maintain student learning and progression towards current course and next course/levels.
-to increase the bank of evidence to support potential Exceptional Circumstances type claims related to course estimates.
-to ensure equity of student effort and commitment towards course study.

As a result, S4-6 students and their teachers will continue to complete all coursework that can be undertaken at home and through digital/remote learning platforms.  All deadlines previously shared with students remain the same, your teacher will reiterate these.  This will provide as robust a process as possible for submitting estimations that will inform certification.

Please contact me should you have any queries relating to the SQA update.

Martin Reid
Depute Head Teacher (School Improvement) | PerthGrammar@pkc.gov.uk 

Statement by the Chief Executive of the Scottish Qualifications Authority and Scotland’s Chief Examining Officer

This is an unprecedented situation, and the closure of schools for an extended period will affect almost every family across Scotland.

The Scottish Qualifications Authority has recently been working through a range of scenarios in relation to the exam diet, including disruption and postponement. However, as the Deputy First Minister has outlined in Parliament today, the exam diet in 2020 cannot go ahead and I have been asked by the Deputy First Minister to develop an alternative certification model.

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