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Mental Health & Wellbeing

It is important to recognise that mental health and anxiety has become a significant focus in current times. Lack of exams for the last 2 years , COVID isolation and prelims on the horizon are all effecting the mental health and wellbeing of our pupils. Young people need and get our support but it is vital that we also assist parents and carers to be more equipped and have access to support tools should they need them. The links below are support materials available for you to use with your families.

If you have any questions please contact us. In the first instance we would want to direct parents and carers to these facilities (below) and in 2022 (term 3/4) we hope to gain more workshop based activities from agencies within our community to help support us all further.


Supporting children with anxiety: tools for parents : Mentally Healthy Schools


Supporting A Child With Anxiety | Tips & Advice | YoungMinds


Anxiety - a guide for parents and carers (autism.org.uk)







Consent form to participate in research into 'Social Media Usage and its impact on adolescent mental health and well-being'.