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Learner Pathways 2019-20

At each stage of their secondary school learner journey, Perth Grammar pupils have the opportunity to personalise their curriculum according to their interests and aptitudes. As they move through the Broad General Education (S1-3) and into the Senior Phase (S4-6), there is an increasing focus on guiding pupils onto a learner pathway that is suited to their future career ambitions.  Whether this is a vocational or academic pathway, we do everything we can to open up opportunities for them to achieve the qualifications and achievements that they need to be successful. 

P7 into S1 Wider Achievement – Next session pupils will be able to choose 2 periods of Wider Achievement. S1 Wider Achievement elective booklets will be issued in May 2019.  P7 Pupils will bring their booklet home to be signed by parents once they have made their choices.  The choice sheets should then be returned to Perth Grammar on the induction day in June. More information to follow. 

S1 into S2 Wider Achievement – S1 pupils will receive their Wider Achievement choice information in February and this will be returned at the start of March. More information to follow. 

S2 into S3

The 2019-20 Learner Pathways booklet with full descriptors of each course is available here together with the online choice form.  The final deadline for completion of the online form was 5th February.  Paper copies will still be available for anyone wishing to apply in this way.  A signed copy of the paper form should be completed and returned to SE teachers by Tuesday 12th February. Thank you to those who have completed this promptly. For those still to complete, please see your Guidance teacher.

S3 into S4

The final deadline for choices is Tuesday 19th February. Follow the links below to access the information you need:

S4/5 into S5/6

Pupils have until Tuesday 19th February to finalise their choices. Follow the links below to access the information you need:

College Applications for pupils moving into S4, S5 & S6

The full prospectus for School-College courses can be found here.

Further information is also available here on which Universities and Colleges accept which Foundation Apprenticeship qualifications. This is a useful ready reckoner for those thinking about taking one of these new courses.

All applications for School-College courses are now made online.  Use this link to get to the form:


Once you have completed it, an alert will be sent to your Guidance teacher to complete a reference for you.  Once the process is complete, the college will then contact you to invite you for interview.  If successful, they will then contact you again to offer you a place.