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Learner Pathways 2020-21

At each stage of their secondary school learner journey, Perth Grammar pupils have the opportunity to personalise their curriculum according to their interests and aptitudes. As they move through the Broad General Education (S1-3) and into the Senior Phase (S4-6), there is an increasing focus on guiding pupils onto a learner pathway that is suited to their future career ambitions.  Whether this is a vocational or academic pathway, we do everything we can to open up opportunities for them to achieve the qualifications and achievements that they need to be successful. 

P7 into S1 Wider Achievement Electives: the S1 Wider Achievement information was shared with Primary Schools in June.  This booklet gives information on the choices we try to offer although it is not always possible to offer all options due to staffing changes.  Pupils have been allocated 2 choices of Wider Achievement from 4 that they selected as well as a block of Spanish or Mandarin, in line with Scottish Government recommendations for Modern Languages known as “1+2”. This is on rotation, with pupils swapping classes in November and April.

1+2 at Perth Grammar: We are lucky enough to be able to offer French at Perth Grammar, plus a taster of 2 other languages: Spanish or Mandarin Chinese. The latter will be taught by a visiting teacher from Kinross High School. You can download a helpful leaflet about 1+2 from this link https://www.npfs.org.uk/2018/10/a-12-approach-to-language-learning-information-for-parents-carers/


All pupils will have their STEM class for 1 period per week 

What is STEM?

In this period you will learn about Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths.

Technology is part of almost every aspect of daily life, and as the workplace changes, STEM

knowledge and skills grow in importance for many different jobs. Our STEM course is supported by our strategic partner, Robertson’s Group.

What will I do in this class?

In this STEM period you will learn about different careers and will take part in lessons to introduce STEM projects and subjects. You will also get visits and talks from companies in the local area. This will involve a fantastic project in designing a house with our partner company, Robertsons.

What kind of skills will I learn?

You will learn a wide range of skills including how to solve problems, how to co-operate in a team and how to develop your creativity and thinking skills.

S2 into S3

The 20-21 Learner Pathways booklet with full descriptors of each course is available here

S3 into S4

PDF icon  Pathways Form

PDF icon S4 Pathways Prospectus

S4/5 into S5/6

PDF icon S5/6 Pathways Prospectus

PDF icon Senior Phase Options Form

College Courses

Any pupil selecting a college course must also complete a college application form. At the link below you will find links to each subject area and course:


Each course then has a link to the application form.  Once completed, the application will trigger a request for a reference from your child’s Guidance teacher.


PDF icon  Schools Prospectus         


PDF icon  Foundation Apprenticeships