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 Every child and young person is entitled to support to enable them to gain as much as possible from the opportunities which can be provided at Perth Grammar School. All pupils at Perth Grammar receive universal support to achieve their potential at school. However some pupils require targeted support to meet their educational needs. Perth Grammar School offers various support strategies and programmes to pupils who require additional support. The support faculty also works with parents and carers to provide support and information when faced with transitional periods in their lives.

In addition to guidance staff in the school there are also a team of pupil support teachers and assistants that work with classroom teachers and also provide individual and small group programmes of support to pupils.

Should you have any concerns regarding your child’s progress at school and worries that they are facing barriers to their learning please contact the school and ask to speak to your child’s Guidance Teacher or Principal Teacher of Support.

Teachers of pupil support are also available at any parents’ evening and operate on a “drop-in” basis should you wish to speak to specialist staff regarding concerns.