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P7 Transition FAQs

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1. When do I get my timetable?

We are currently working on the school timetable and S1 classes. We aim to have this sent to you by mid June.

2. Is there a map of the school so I can start to find my way about?

Yes, scroll up and click on the blue buttons at the top of the Primary 7 Transition page on the website. 

3. How do I apply for school transport?

You can apply for school transport on the Perth & Kinorss Council website - www.pkc.gov.uk

4. What is the school uniform?

Black blazer & badge or black jacket, White (or black) shirt/blouse, School tie, Black trousers/skirt and Black shoes. School ties are available from the Aitken and Niven website

5. What should I bring on my first day?

You'll need something to write with and a positive attitude. We'll supply everything else. 

6. How do I pay for school lunches?

Before August you'll be sent a Parent Pay activation letter. You'll need to activate your secondary school account. When you add money to this account your young persons' Saltire Card will be loaded with the money and allow them to purchase food at the canteen. 

7. What happens if I get lost?

Perth Grammar School is a bigger building than your primary school. Don't worry if you get lost there are lots of people here to help. Ask the nearest member of staff, a prefect or go to the school office. 

8. What clubs are available?

Several clubs are available each day either at lunchtime or after school. These include: Badminton, Dance, Science club, Hockey, Cheer leading, Basketball, Football, Trampolining, Athletics, Scripture union, Table-tennis, Computing, Rugby, Netball, Climbing, Chess, Debating, and Drama.