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SQA Results 2020

Dear Parent/Carer

SQA results 2020, post-results service and course choice support

In response to the cancellation of the 2020 exam diet, SQA developed an alternative model of certification to ensure all young people would be credited with the course results that their effort and abilities merited. The most significant part of this alternative certification model will take place on Tuesday 4 August when all young people will be issued with their course results by post or via MySQA (for those young people that registered for this service). 

Given the significant changes that have been made to the certification process, and to ensure it is fair for all young people, the SQA are providing a post certification review process. This process will allow schools to request a review of the grade awarded to a young person. For a review to be considered the grade awarded to a young person must be lower than the one that they were estimated to achieve. There must be also be a range of evidence available to support the view that a young person should have received a higher grade, this evidence will then be required to be submitted to SQA.

Given the format and requirements of the post certification review process the decision to request a review will be made by subject teachers and the school. Parental requests will not be accepted, and it is respectfully advised that communication with the school regarding this process is not required. The exception to this communication guidance is for those young people where results have affected them being able to meet their conditions for a college or university place and therefore a priority review may be required.

When teachers return to school, they will be reviewing the results of all young people and deciding which post certification reviews are appropriate and those that will be requested. Young people will be informed if a post certification review is to be made on their behalf before the SQA deadlines of Friday 14 August (priority reviews) or Friday 21 August (standard reviews).

Following results day support and advice will be available for those who require it and will be provided by our team of Principal Teachers Learner Support (Guidance). This support may be required for one of two reasons;

It is important this support is provided as timeously as possible and any course changes are made prior to school returning on Wednesday 12 August (please note specific year group attendance arrangements for that week in response to Coronavirus Recovery Planning). Therefore, any young person who requires to a have a discussion with their Guidance Teacher should email PerthGrammar@pkc.gov.uk or call 01738 472800 on Tuesday 4 August, between 9am to 4pm, to make an appointment for Wednesday 5 August. Appointments on Wednesday 5 August will be offered as meetings in school or by phone. Please note that young people who choose to have a meeting in school are to attend this meeting alone due to there being restrictions to visitors at this time.


Yours sincerely


Tim Woodcock

Depute Head Teacher (School Improvement)