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Health and Wellbeing


Welcome to the Faculty of Health and Wellbeing at Perth Grammar School!


Our faculty is comprised of the Home Economics and Physical Education (PE) departments. Across the faculty are ten motivated and hard-working teachers who ensure our pupils enjoy positive and stimulating learning experiences each time they visit us. Learn more about our teachers here. 



All our teachers work together to offer a wide range of experiences and outcomes that will provide our young people with the skills, knowledge and confidence to lead a healthy and active lifestyle. In the Broad General Education (BGE), we will lead two Interdisciplinary Learning Projects in tandem with PSE classes in 2021-22.


Growth Mindset


From August to December, the faculty will educate our young people about the benefits of adopting a Growth Mindset. As a result, we aim to make our pupils more resilient and boost their self-esteem so they can undertake new challenges in both education and society.


Energy Drinks


In January, we will work as a faculty to educate pupils about the physical and mental health dangers of excessive energy drinks consumption. In doing so, we aim to help our learners make better lifestyle choices which can further benefit their concentration and behaviour in school.


The development of Health and Wellbeing is not limited to the BGE however. The coming 2021-22 session will see us revamp our Senior Core provisions on a Friday afternoon. In this, all S4-6 pupils will sit two accredited courses. Young people will select two courses that ties into their interests and learning needs. On completion of each course, pupils can be recognised with SQA awards, paid work experience and/or an increased knowledge of how to lead a physically and mentally positive lifestyle. Each of these courses can be viewed in the PowerPoint below and includes working relationships with Back Onside, Premiership Experience and The One Performance Centre.

Senior Core Pathways Presentation

Our focus of attention also reaches into our learning community as we work with families of our pupils. Each month will see us set a series of home learning challenges that aims to…

· Have our families feeling motivated to exercise together.

· Have our families eating nutritious meals regularly.

· Have our families engaging in mindfulness activities to boost their mental health.


More information on both these family learning events and the on-goings within the Faculty of Health and Wellbeing can be found on our Twitter page: https://twitter.com/PGSHWB.


As well as working together across the faculty, Home Economics and PE offer their own bespoke courses from S1 to S6. Each course will develop our pupils’ knowledge in unique ways and offer opportunities to develop their understanding and skillset in such a manner that they feel prepared to lead a healthy and active lifestyle in both the present and the future. Find out more about each individual course by clicking on the appropriate link below.